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4-Year Curriculum for BEng(CompSc)

pdf Regulations for Bachelor of Engineering (4-Year Curriculum)

SYLLABUS (For intakes of 2012 under the 4-Year curriculum)

group1The Curriculum comprises 240 credits of courses as follows:

  1. UG5 requirements (54 credits);
  2. General Engineering Courses (at least 36 credits);
  3. Discipline Core Introductory Courses (24 credits);
  4. Discipline Core Advanced Courses (36 credits);
  5. Capstone Experience (12 credits);
  6. Internship (6 credits);
  7. Disciplinary Elective Courses (at least 30 credits);
  8. Free Electives (42 credits)

To complete the degree requirement, candidates must pass all the courses specified in the curriculum. In addition, candidates must satisfy any other requirements as stipulated by the University and Faculty of Engineering.

Candidates pursuing the BEng(CompSc) degree may pursue a minor offered by other departments in the Faculty of Engineering or by other faculties in accordance with the regulations of the University and the syllabus for the degree of BEng.

Candidates may also opt for a second major offered by other faculties in accordance with the regulations of the University.

Courses taken for minor or second major may be used to satisfy the requirements of free electives.


UG 5 Requirements

(54 credits)
General Engineering Courses

(36 credits)
  Introductory (24 credits) Advanced (36 credits)
Discipline Core Courses

(60 credits)
Capstone Experience and Internship

(18 credits)
Disciplinary Elective Courses

(30 credits)
  • At least 30 credits of electives in computer science excluding Research Internship
Free Electives

(42 credits)
  • At least 42 credits of courses offered by either the Department of Computer Science, or other departments within or outside of the Faculty of Engineering

Degree Classification

The degree of Bachelor of Engineering shall be awarded in five divisions in accordance with EN16 of the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering and UG9 of the Regulations for the First Degree Curricula.

To facilitate planning of study, Sample Study Plans which indicate the distribution of courses by study year are prepared for candidates reference. BEng(CompSc) syllabuses for different years of intake are available from CS Intranet.

Note 1 Students can select not more than one course from each Area of Inquiry within one academic year and at least one but no more than two courses from each Area of Inquiry during the whole period of study.
Note 2 Choose one General Engineering Course from the following list:
  • ENGG1201 Engineering for sustainable development
  • ENGG1203 Introduction to electrical and electronic engineering
  • ENGG1204 Industrial management and logistics
  • ENGG1205 Introduction to mechanical engineering
  • ENGG1206 Introduction to biomedical engineering
Note 3 Students who are selected to participate in the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme are required to complete COMP3413 Research Internship and are not required to complete COMP3412 Internship.